Interreg Projekt MMTT. Museen für Alle zwischen Innovation und Tradition

Interreg VI-A IT-AT 2021-2027


  • Total budget 564.989,00 €
  • ERDF budget 382.311,20 €
Interreg project MMTT. Museums for All between Innovation and Tradition. Photo Heinfels castle @Credits by Alexander Zeidler

Activities and purpose

The project

The project is designed to renew the cultural cooperation between the Magnifica Comunità di Cadore and Heinfels Castle in order to improve the cognitive accessibility of the museums to the general public, where a large percentage of users are not able to visit, mainly due to walking disabilities and the structural characteristics of the museums, and which are difficult to access. The specific objective is to help increase the frequency of the two “sites of cultural interest” so that they are accessible to a wider public. In concrete terms, the measures implemented by the Magnifica Comunità di Cadore will focus primarily on the birthplace of Titian Vecellio, a museum that has been housed in a historic home since 1932 and is now the most visited site in the northern part of the province of Belluno. The fascinating building is in need of urgent restoration work to improve its historical and structural condition, combined with the implementation of a series of functional works that will make it more efficient and usable for the wider public. This will take into account current legal, cultural, and social requirements. In addition, the security of the building will be improved in order to exhibit works and objects of historical and cultural value in the greatest possible safety. Among the measures to be carried out inside the building is the adoption of a new concept for the use of new technologies that can be used without significant stylistic impact and provide precise historical and cultural elements for understanding the context. At the same time, measures will be taken to improve the exhibition at the Museum of the Popes of Lorenzago di Cadore. The site is of great religious interest for tourism. However, communication is very difficult due to the almost complete lack of didactic and technological elements necessary to engage visitors. Therefore, a website will be set up (which is not currently available and is requested by a large audience), equipped with critical in-depth studies and historical videos, and then audio guides will be created on the contents of the museum in Italian/English/German to give visitors a new experience and facilitate the discovery of the contemporary cultural heritage by foreign guests. Audio guides can also be a suitable tool for people with disabilities.

The partners


Magnifica Comunità di Cadore


Heinfels Castle Museum Association