Interreg VI-A IT-AT 2021-2027


  • Total budget 834.285,93 €
  • ERDF budget 667.428,74 €
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Activities and purpose

The project

The LEARN-OUT project aims to create a cross-border network of small cultural and natural heritage administrations in order to strengthen them through a joint tourism offer focusing on the educational aspect of the visit, on three levels A) Strengthening cultural and natural heritage management capacities through cross-border exchanges and study visits between the administrations and other stakeholders/experts (WP2); B) Strengthening the educational capacities for cultural and natural heritage, both in terms of innovation in didactics and greater interactivity and accessibility of knowledge (WP3); C) Defining a tourism offer linked to the concept of “learning by visiting”, the LEARN-OUT model, and promoting a sustainable tourism model in the context of neo-ecology (WP4). This will be validated through four pilot actions (WP5.1) that will evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the model (WP5.2.2). For dissemination purposes, the project will also develop a hybrid edugame (WP1.2.3 and WP3.3) that will allow visitors to learn about the heritage, the territories – and the interregional programming – in a playful and educational way.

The partners


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Province of Treviso


Lis Aganis - Friulian Dolomites Ecomuseum

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