Interreg Projekt InterWASTE.

Interreg VI-A IT-AT 2021-2027


  • Total budget 447.227,25 €
  • ERDF budget 308.513,44 €
Interreg InterWASTE Project. Group of people at work sitting at a table. @Credits by InterWASTE

Activities and purpose

The project

The aim of the project is to find alternative uses for production waste from the eyewear, furniture and wood industries, which are well-established industries in the program area. The project focuses on: a) waste from eyewear production, such as wood chips and ceramics, which currently end up in landfills/incineration plants; b) stone powder from processing in the furniture industry, which is deposited in landfills; c) various types of wood waste from the wood industry (bark, sawdust), which are currently unused. The partners will investigate how these by-products can be managed to produce new innovative materials for sustainable outdoor/indoor applications and for eyeglass frames (or parts thereof). In the course of the project, life cycle assessments will be carried out for the developed composites and laminates to improve their environmental impact compared to “traditional” products. Recyclability and biodegradability tests will be carried out for these products to ensure circular production processes. The project will help to reduce the environmental impact of the sectors involved, move towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals and create new business areas.

The partners

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