Interreg Projekt HOT Mittelalterliche Handelswege. Zwei Männer zu Fuß und ein Pferd

Interreg VI-A IT-AT 2021-2027


  • Total budget 657.401,50 €
  • ERDF budget 485.510,08 €
Interreg HOT project medieval trade routes. Group of people in medieval costumes @Credits by Samerwanderung Hintersee_c-Franz Reifmüller_Mittersillplus

Activities and purpose

The project

Trade routes have been crossing the Alps since the Stone Age, forming the cornerstone of Europe’s economic development. In addition to the trade in goods, there was also an important transfer of knowledge and culture. On the basis of this history, a new, sustainable, bookable long-distance hiking trail is being developed on existing paths, taking into account public travel to and from the route. The cultural heritage of the Cramars* and the Samer** will be brought to life during a slow-paced long-distance hike through impressive natural and cultural landscapes. * Cramars, the itinerant traders of Italy ** Samer, the medieval transporters and itinerant traders in Austria

The partners


Mittersill Plus GmbH


Fondazione Homo Viator - San Teobaldo


Municipality of Venzone


NLW Tourismus Marketing GmbH


TVB Kitzbüheler Alpen-Brixental


Hohe Tauern - The National Park Region in Carinthia Tourismus GmbH

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