Interreg Projekt FISH. Aquaponix-Systeme

Interreg VI-A IT-AT 2021-2027


  • Total budget 491.158,75 €
  • ERDF budget 314.341,6 €
Interreg FISH project. Tank with water @Credits by FISH

Activities and purpose

The project

A lot has happened since FISH 2022 started researching aquaponics systems in South Tyrol. Our lettuce grows excellently and is available throughout South Tyrol. But we are not stopping there. Our next focus is on fish and the expansion of our fish farming. To this end, we have brought two qualified research partners from Tyrol and Padua on board as part of a cross-border Interreg project. Together with Alpenaquafarm Tyrol, which is currently dedicated to the sustainable breeding of shrimp and catfish in a closed cycle, we would like to start the successful development of a fish farm (African catfish & trout perch). The project is being scientifically supported and monitored by the Institute for Animal Disease Control Veneto (IZSVe) in Padua. In addition to the successful establishment of a fish farm, research activities will also focus on ecological aspects, animal welfare, and the careful use of valuable resources. Research into an alternative insect-based fish feed plays a central role, as the conventional feeding of fishmeal is neither sustainable nor viable from an ecological and social perspective. As the closed-cycle cultivation method enables year-round production in a confined space, it can play a key role in local and sustainably organized food sovereignty. The creation and promotion of biodiversity areas also form a valuable part of the research work of this project in cooperation with the Laimburg Experimental Center. The project is co-financed by the European Union.

The partners


Solos Vita Società Agricola Srl

Logo Institut für Tierseuchenbekämpfung der Venetien (IZSVe)


Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie (IZSVe)


Alpenaquafarm Tirol GmbH



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