Interreg-Projekt RESYST. Zwei Männer im Schnee testen eine Mikado-Sonde.

Interreg V-A IT-AT 2014-2020


Area Dolomiti Live
  • Total budget 199 139,15 €
  • ERDF budget 126 401,55 €
Interreg project RESYST. Mikado Probe Test @Credits by ©Dolomiti Comunicazione di Dalvit Daniele

Activities and purpose

The project

Climate change has a great impact on alpine terrain conditions and poses new challenges for people who frequent the high-altitude mountains. Versatile and easy-to-use equipment is needed for rescues in case of accidents, which can ensure fast response times for mountain rescue and at the same time provide safety for operators, especially in stressful situations. Therefore, the goal is to provide greater safety for rescue teams in recovering victims in changing winter conditions. To do so, the Resyst project focuses on the study, implementation and testing of two rescue devices: a steam probe equipped with a video camera and ARTVA antenna, which allows users to quickly drill a hole and explore cavities to confirm the discovery, and an anchor system for recovery in crevasses.

The partners

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Dolomiticert SCARL

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Micado Smart Engineering GmbH

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Mountain Rescue Alpine Association South Tyrol

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