Interreg CLLD-Projekt BIOS. Die Gemeinden Bruneck und Lienz arbeiten gemeinsam daran, das Bewusstsein und die Sensibilität der Bevölkerung für die biologische Vielfalt der Natur zu stärken.

Interreg V-A IT-AT 2014-2020


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  • Total budget 198 450,00 € €
  • ERDF budget 134 946,00 € €
@Credits by Jasmina Steiner

Activities and purpose

The project

According to the World Diversity Council IPBES report released in May 2019, more than one million plant and animal species are now at risk of extinction. Ever-increasing urbanization is a risk to biodiversity, so large and diverse green areas and private gardens not only represent an important factor in people’s quality of life, but also contribute to species diversity in cities and climate change mitigation. With the project BIOS – Cities in Bloom, the municipalities of Bruneck and Lienz are working together to strengthen people’s awareness and sensitivity to nature’s biodiversity. In the city of Bruneck, strategies and measures have been implemented to create and maintain green spaces in order to increase biodiversity in the municipal area. In the city of Lienz, green areas and trees were planned to ensure ecological development and to create a habitat for the multitude of living organisms. Finally, an extensive awareness campaign was conducted with events on the topic of biodiversity.

The partners

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