Cross-border cooperation

Interreg Italy-Austria

The program promotes harmonious integration between Italy and Austria, ensuring that borders are opportunities to meet and grow together rather than barriers.

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Cooperation beyond borders

The Italy-Austria Interreg Program

Interreg Italy-Austria is part of the Interreg A programs pertaining to cross-border cooperation, which is of primary importance to the European Union (EU). This absorbs 72% of the EU’s budget for territorial cooperation.

This category also includes Interregs that promote cooperation between NUTS 3 regions (with a population of between 150,000 and 800,000) located on or near the border of at least two member states.

Tackling common challenges together

The Interreg Italy-Austria cooperation program is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It strives to create synergies and find common solutions to overcome cross-border challenges and obstacles to development in the two countries.

More concretely, it financially supports a variety of local actors (businesses, associations, universities, medical and research centers, etc.) in the implementation of cooperation projects. These projects must fit within thematic areas or priorities determined according to the strategic objectives of the Cohesion Policy of the current seven-year period. Since it is framed by the Cohesion Policy, the Interreg program also has a seven-year duration.

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The intervention areas

Area of the program

The cooperation area of the program covers the border area between Italy and Austria over an area of 50,000 km2 comprising 19 NUTS 3 regions, divided into three Länder (Austria), two Regions, and one Autonomous Province (Italy). It is an area encompassing a variety of landscapes with pronounced mountain characteristics.






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