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The program promotes harmonious integration between Italy and Austria, ensuring that borders are opportunities to meet and grow together rather than barriers.

Interreg Italy Austria program. Tower of the Twelve, symbol of the town of Sterzing, Bolzano

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Interreg V-A Italy-Austria cooperation program 2021-2027 The Interreg VI-A Italy - Austria 2021.2027 cooperation program was accepted by decision of the European Commission on 16.06.2022.

Manuals, guides, models


In the guidelines on communication and visibility, which apply to the ESF, ERDF and Interreg Italy-Austria programs, you will find the obligations and recommendations for beneficiaries clearly described and many examples. The general objectives of the EU programs are described in the common communication strategy. The Interact Manual, provided by the Commission, is in English and contains detailed examples and templates, particularly of a graphical nature.

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